Here are some Demos of jobs that Tracy was hired for.

Voici des extraits démo de la voix hors champs

Canadienne francophone de Tracy

                   tel: 514.995.6985   voicebytracy at

Tracy à la radio francophone....        Tracy ON-AIR on French Radio

Tracy _ En ondes radio francophone.mp3

Canadian English and French canadianVoice demos from Tracy-Ann Leith

Tracy Ann Leith Demo _Commercial Bilingual.mp3

Tracy Ann Leith Demo _SEXY_ Sultry _Bilingual.mp3

TV ads voiced by Tracy  -  French Canadian  - Pubs Télé Française 

Tracy Ann Leith Demo _Commerciale FR.mp3

Pub Télé - Anglophones et francophones - English and French Canadian Female voice over for Tv ads

TV ads Tracy-Ann Leith.mp3

Conversational voice over

Man and_Tracy Convesational_boss from Hell.mp3


Copyright Tracy-Ann Leith Female bilingual- Voice Over Talent  2014-2015...


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